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PANEL: E-commerce Under Siege: Navigating Cyber Threats, Regulatory Mazes, and the Media Minefield

11 Oct 2023
International Commerce Theatre
In the lightspeed area of e-commerce in ASEAN/APAC, the intricate links between Cyber, HR, Finance, and Supply Chain are just the tip of the iceberg. Online scams, representing 38% of 2020's reported frauds and resulting in losses over $40 billion in 2022, spotlight the escalating challenges. A fortified operations team, armed with cutting-edge fraud analytics, risk assessment and mitigation, is pivotal to counter these threats.
Yet, beyond internal operations, external pressures mount. Government regulations constantly evolve, demanding businesses to stay ahead. Social media flare-ups can amplify a single negative customer experience, while mainstream media, influenced by competitors' whispers, can escalate reputational damage. In this high-stakes environment, businesses must be vigilant on all fronts, from regulatory compliance to managing public perception. Embracing a comprehensive, interconnected strategy is not just beneficial—it's essential for survival and success in modern e-commerce. In this session you will learn how to stay ahead, and save from a major crisis.
William Gaultier, CEO - Equanimity Group, Ex-Sephora, Lazada
Lars Voedisch, CEO - PreciousCommunications, Ex-DHL
Dany Krivoshey, FMCG - -
Fabrice Marie, CTO - Evren, ex-CISO Lazada & AirAsia
Yair Poplawski, MD - Orchestra Group


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