Conference Programme 2019


Across the two day exhibition, over 20,000 delegates had the opportunity to learn from hundreds of educational seminar sessions, dozens of real-life case studies and panel discussions, delivered by 600+ world-class experts.


09 Oct 2019
  1. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
  2. Cross Border Theatre
    Expansion into new markets is a huge opportunity for most businesses, but can also present a  challenging undertaking to execute successfully. Merchants need to tackle the challenges of understanding ...
  3. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    A true experience management (XM) journey predicts and mitigates problems before they occur, transforming them into improvement opportunities. By combining operation data (O) with experience date (X), ...
  4. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
  5. Cross Border Theatre
    Harnessing his experience of working with hundreds of sellers over 3 years, Yong Sheng will be sharing tips to succeed global cross-border ecommerce. In this session, you will learn best practices fro ...
  6. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    Managing a business online is a constant work in progress. Keeping pace with customer expectations, industry trends, CX advancements and advertising media are just a few important factors that are par ...
  7. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    What is an order management system (OMS) and why has it become a critical component in the technology stack for leading retailers and ecommerce players? In this session, learn how the OMS 1. powers om ...
  8. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    The use of AI is growing in many industries. Marketing is one such field that has immense potential for AI. In today's connected world, gaining a competitive edge over your peers is the top priority. ...
  9. Cross Border Theatre
    In this session, the main global mega trends will be introduced: on demand retailing, licensing, rise of fulfillers, and sustainability. You will be amazed how these trends energize the growth of digi ...
  10. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    With ecommerce on the rise in Southeast Asia, mobile buying continues to become increasingly common among shoppers. Greater internet penetration, a growing middle class and more supply of ecommerce pl ...
  11. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    1) The Changing Face of Marketing 2) How disruptive technology impact nowadays Marketing strategy 3) CMOs advice on content Marketing
  12. Cross Border Theatre
    The Malaysian payment landscape has been changing very rapidly. The purpose of the session is to introduce the latest payment trends seen in Malaysia and discuss how they can impact the region.
  13. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    Have you ever ordered a beautifully showcased product on the internet, wondering when you would receive it, sending emails to the seller find out, not ever obtaining a clear answer? Only to receive yo ...
  14. Cross Border Theatre
    APAC is a fast-growing region for cross-border sellers, but it can be challenging for companies to know exactly how to safely and securely expand their business operations. Shopee, working with Payone ...
  15. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    Consumers today expect a seamless, unified experience, no matter where they engage with a brand—whether in-store or on their desktop or mobile devices. An omnichannel customer engagement strategy is n ...
  16. Cross Border Theatre
    Alibaba's New Retail vision is now reality, and it's reshaping the retail landscape in China and beyond., Tencent, and traditional retailers like Starbucks and Walmart are all jumping on the ba ...
  17. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    1) Changing Shopper Behaviour - Ever evolving technological, social, economic landscape changing Shopper Behaviour & Preferences; nuances of E-Commerce Shopper Behaviour 2) Evolving Digital Marketing ...
  18. Cross Border Theatre
    The payments ecosystem is changing rapidly due to changing customer demands. This session will address evolving consumer needs in the new digital landscape. And how fintech solutions are partnering wi ...
  19. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    We will cover the importance of managing Ecommerce Returns (rejection of products) and how to turn it into a selling point rather than a business cost. We will also touch on the importance of PUDOs (P ...
  20. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    The ability to connect your business to your audiences lives and dies by the success in personalizing their experience. Gartner surveyed 2,500 consumers to conclude that more than half will unsubscrib ...
  21. Cross Border Theatre
    In the last couple years we have seen the emergence of Direct to Consumer a new way to build domestic online businesses. Commerce is evolving daily, as are the tools and technologies that enable indep ...
  22. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    You just invested in a whole bunch of marketing technologies such as CMS, CRM, DMP, marketing automation, analytics tracking and content personalization. Unfortunately, you realize that you are not ge ...
  23. Cross Border Theatre
    Supply Chain practitioners face many different challenges getting goods moving from one country to another with one of the chief challenges being customs clearance. One simple data entry error or a wr ...
  24. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    GS1 Standards create a common foundation for business by uniquely identifying, accurately capturing and automatically sharing vital information about products, locations, assets and more. By combining ...
  25. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    Today's marketplace has become overcrowded with thousands of content competing for our customer's attention. According to Facebook, our thumb scrolls thru 300 feet of mobile content every single day. ...
  26. Cross Border Theatre
    The Fintech Landscape of the Philippines and its impact to Local and Cross-border eCommerce Trade
  27. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    Learn about the different types of marketplaces and how you can connect sellers or even retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers to buyers in your industry. We'll go over a case study of how this has ...
  28. Cross Border Theatre
    Retailers Now Have Access to High-quality, Micro-level Data to Develop New Store Locations. Location intelligence is not just a buzzword it is a key success driver for Asia's most progressive retailer ...
  29. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    In delivering personalized content experiences, machine learning has been implemented to help social media and brand engage with their target audience. As the technology grows, AI powered engine is in ...
  30. Cross Border Theatre
  31. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    1) Why brands are investing in their own platforms and what it means for marketing opportunities 2) Developing and identifying new marketing outreach solutions 3) Cultivating rewarding partnerships an ...
  32. Cross Border Theatre
    Companies' regional/international expansion was made possible by cross border commerce since Silk Road and Spice trade days. With an ever increasing competitive trade landscape, such expansion has bec ...
  33. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    The retail landscape has undergone rapid changes and to maintain a competitive edge in this landscape requires structural changes, including in the supply chain management. The ease of social media sh ...
  34. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    With dynamically changing customer behavior neo marketers and digital experts understand that CRO is not an overnight miracle but a methodical process which needs to be mastered. A sustainable long-te ...
  35. Cross Border Theatre
    In this session, Wengie will discuss her career background before Youtube, how she started, how she balanced YouTube and a career, what strategies she used to grow, what strategies to pivot content, t ...
  36. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    Of the 1.5 billion websites in the world, how do you get indexed by the search engines, get ranked among the 200 million active sites and stand out from the crowd? PropTech platform Ohmyhome shows you ...
  37. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    WAREHOUSING - Planning & Infrastructure: Size of warehouse, usage of space, type of products to store, number of SKU, types of equipment needed, functional design of warehouse  - Setting Up a Warehous ...
  38. Cross Border Theatre
    During the session Tomer will present the CDP revolution -  how within less than 3 years CDP became a ‘must have’ requirement by CRM marketing teams. Selected use cases of E-commerce, Fashion & Travel ...
  39. Cross Border Theatre
    Pick up the best tips and takeaways to inspire your content and social media strategies. -From creation through to distribution, refine your content marketing game plan to grow your business and engag ...
10 Oct 2019
  1. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    In an ever competitive consumer landscape, what are some of the tools, processes and systems can you put in place to ensure a phenomenal shopping experience? In this session, we will cover some of the ...
  2. Cross Border Theatre
    Deliveroo is one of the UK's leading food delivery brands, this session will engage in it's Singapore growth story.
  3. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
  4. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
  5. Cross Border Theatre
    The growing eCommerce market offers an attractive opportunity for retailers to tap into. The potential to venture into new markets is real and significant but it doesn't come without risks. What are s ...
  6. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    With ecommerce on the rise in Southeast Asia, mobile buying continues to become increasingly common among shoppers. Greater internet penetration, a growing middle class and more supply of ecommerce pl ...
  7. Cross Border Theatre
    When growing your online business beyond familiar borders, you must be prepared to adjust business practices to account for cultural and financial behaviour specific to each country.  In this presenta ...
  8. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    The state of e-commerce in the Philippines and the impact of the growing delivery and last-mile industry to the country's digital economy
  9. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    A true experience management (XM) journey predicts and mitigates problems before they occur, transforming them into improvement opportunities. By combining operation data (O) with experience date (X), ...
  10. Cross Border Theatre
    How eCommerce businesses can expand internationally to accept more customers, in new countries through a robust payments strategy. 
  11. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    Learn how to drive more sales by adapting to changing consumer behaviour and learning from international markets. Future-proof your business and stay ahead of the competition with actionable insights ...
  12. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    -Taking domestic e-commerce international: growing cross-border delivery - Inbound and outbound: recognising both sides of cross-border potential -Understanding regulation: creating a cross-border str ...
  13. Cross Border Theatre
    As the global e-commerce market continues to grow, sellers will need more integrated and effective solutions to expand their market reach and stay competitive. However, global businesses often face ch ...
  14. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    Despite the numerous options coupled with technology and IoT gadgets empowering consumers to track their health, there still lacks the true personalization of healthcare. Increasingly, users in Asia a ...
  15. Cross Border Theatre
    In this session, the main global mega trends will be introduced: on demand retailing, licensing, rise of fulfillers, and sustainability. You will be amazed how these trends energize the growth of digi ...
  16. Cross Border Theatre
  17. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    Automation needs to do more than mirror manual ways of doing things. We have let technology impede customer experience. We understand how to optimise in-store experiences, yet in the online world we a ...
  18. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    Global supply chains are under tremendous stress due to transformation in Technology, Asset light Service models, Digitized monetization models.Whicih are the Mega trends to watch out for and how curr ...
  19. Cross Border Theatre
    Next to the dynamic markets of South East Asia, South Asia and its evolving potential in the e-commerce space is easily overlooked. As leading e-commerce platform in five of South Asia’s markets (Paki ...
  20. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    The session covers the key success strategies for brands today looking to navigate their presence on e-marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, etc. The SEA ecosystem is complex and the platforms are cons ...
  21. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    In recent years there has been a tsunami of content bombarding us about the need to move from 'Multichannel' to 'Omnichannel' strategies. In fact, conventional wisdom has us thinking about our interac ...
  22. Cross Border Theatre
    eCommerce has revolutionized the way goods are sold, disrupted established industries and transformed the way shoppers interact with brands. With the rise of mobile penetration and consumers spending ...
  23. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    The lines are blurred on social. Every interaction should be considered a customer social experience, not only when a customer has a problem and needs to contact support. If this is true, there is a b ...
  24. Cross Border Theatre
    In his presentation, James discusses how to approach and fit crossborder with local plans to create a strategy that works for the market. He also touches the applications and challenges faced in estab ...
  25. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    When you first think about Deliveroo, you probably think of getting great food to your house in less than half an hour. Awesome right? But behind the scenes is the real story. This session will addres ...
  26. Cross Border Theatre
  27. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
  28. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    In a recent study, we found a majority of consumers find it challenging to communicate with businesses – and that those consumers are more likely to support businesses who make it easy for them to rea ...
  29. Cross Border Theatre
    International expansion drives business growth and increases cross border data flows. The largest business growth is experienced by born global businesses. They are global from day 1 and have sales th ...
  30. Logistics & Delivery Theatre
    Today's retail channel landscape is getting more complex. As retail brands tackle the merging needs of online and offline space and evolving the consumer experience, how do supply chain planners prepa ...
  31. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    In a rapidly evolving eCommerce scene where customers expect highly personalized products and services, managing an online store without automating your marketing activities can be tricky. In this ses ...
  32. Cross Border Theatre
    A quick look at the data pointing to general trends Summary of our recent visits to study China e-commerce latest development Highlights on trends such as social e-commerce, live streaming and consume ...
  33. Customer Experience & Martech Theatre
    Vamsi shares his insights on developing and maintaining a customer centric environment within an business and why it is imperative to do so.

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  • It's an exciting time to be in online commerce, and Asia is most definitely the world's growth engine for e-tailers and service providers big and small. Taking part in a niche, Fintech gathering like eCommerce Expo Asia allows Red Dot Payment to introduce our extensive e-payment solutions to engage decision-makers, and to enhance our position as the go-to payment gateway in the Asia Pacific.
    Managing Director, Red Dot Payment
  • There was a lot of buzz and people around here. From our experience, we got plenty of conversations going around. The scanning app was one of the best we’ve used, it has been so convenient. I didn’t get to attend the conference sessions due to how busy we were at the booth. We spoke to a couple of people selling into the global market so those might materialise into valid opportunities to expand on in future. It’s also really good with all the co-located shows together so there is a variety of potential leads to reach out to.
    Head of Client Engagement, ChannelAdvisor
  • It’s the first time we’re here, and we can see a real diverse range of clients - there are start-ups and established companies here. It’s been awesome. There is value not just for the Asia Pacific team, but also for our global team as there are people from all over the world here. I’ve customers from the UK coming over to say hi as well. eCommerce Expo Asia really complements the whole co-located tech events. This just adds so many levels to this event, and works well together.
    Regional Director, APAC, dotmailer
  • We are pleased with the turnout and visitorship. The atmosphere is very exciting as there are a lot of interesting topics and content feature. It’s a good idea to have eCommerce Expo Asia co-locating with the other technology events because we have an audience of various industries with different perspectives generating a lot of synergy. We look forward to participating again next year.
    Chief Executive Officer, Blu