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Return Management in the Era of Ecommerce: Insights from the Customer & Shopify

Returns management is a key area of focus for retailers. It's not just about the customer experience, it's also about the cost to manage returns.

Today, return rates for eCommerce are around 20%. That means for every $100 worth of goods sold online, $20 will be returned. And return rates are only increasing as customers become more comfortable shopping online.

Returns are a necessary part of doing business online, but they can be costly. In fact, returns cost retailers an estimated $369 billion annually. Returns management is a key area of focus for retailers. It's not just about the customer experience, it's also about the cost to manage returns.


Why are so many people returning their Internet purchases?


There are a few reasons why return rates are so high for eCommerce:


  • Different expectations: Customers have different expectations when they purchase something online. They can't touch or try on the product, so they might not be happy with it when it arrives.

  • Inaccurate descriptions: The product might not be described accurately on the website, leading to disappointment when the customer receives it.

  • Buyer's remorse: Customers might regret their purchase after they receive it, especially if they bought it on impulse.

  • Convenience: It's easier to return an item online than it is to return it to a store.


What can retailers do to improve their returns management?


There are a few things that you can do to manage returns and keep them from becoming too costly.


First, offer return shipping labels with every order. This will make it easy for customers to return items, and it will save you money on return shipping.

Second, offer a return policy that is clear and easy to understand. This will help to reduce the number of return requests that you receive.

And finally, use return data to your advantage. Use return data to improve your product selection, packaging, and shipping methods.


By following these tips, you can manage returns in your eCommerce business and keep them from becoming too costly. Returns management is a key area of focus for retailers. It's not just about the customer experience, it's also about the cost to manage returns.


How can a Return Management Solution Help Your Brand With Returns?


The return process is a necessary evil for all eCommerce businesses, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare. Return Helper is a comprehensive returns management solution that can help you streamline your return process and improve your customer satisfaction ratings. With Return Helper, retailers can:

  1. Let customers obtain return labels instantly

  2. Track and manage returned items in one-stop

  3. Receive reports on your return activity

  4. Enjoy integrated shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx, returning items is easier than ever.

  5. Have access to warehouses in 13 countries. We offer local return addresses in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong for your buyers so your buyers can also find ways to return the item to you.

  6. Get numerous value-added services such as product inspection, bulk returns, re-label, re-ship, and so on!


Return Helper is on Shopify App Now!


Our Shopify app enables a seamless return experience for both Shopify retailers and customers! Retailers can build their own branded return page on Shopify, control the look and feel of your return center with your logo, and color theme; and customize a set of return reasons, with the option for your customers to upload an image.


Seamless Return Process with Return Helper!

By integrating Return Helper with your Shopify store, you can empower customers to initiate returns on their terms, and save labor and operation costs by streamlining all your returns and deciding the way to process your returns by one-click operation on your portal.




The statistics show that eCommerce returns are increasing and this is a trend that is not likely to reverse any time soon. This means that all online merchants need to have a return management solution in place if they want to remain competitive. Return helper has been designed with the modern merchant in mind. We offer an easy-to-use platform that helps you save money and operate returns more efficiently.


And we’re available now on the Shopify app store, so there’s no reason not to give us a try. So what are you waiting for? Let us handle your returns!



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