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09 May 2024

Meet the eCommerce Expo Asia Team - Indiana Forrest-Bisley

Meet the eCommerce Expo Asia Team - Indiana Forrest-Bisley
                                     Introducing the Meet the Team series where we introduce the team behind eCommerce Expo Asia! To kickstart this series, we have Indiana Forrest-Bisley, the Group Event Director for eCommerce Expo Asia. Read his exclusive interview here to find out more about his experience at eCommerce Expo and why you should come!                                              



Introduce yourself and share some of your hobbies

Hi, my name is Indiana Forrest-Bisley and I'm the Group Event Director for eCommerce events here at CloserStill Media.  I really enjoy travelling, I actually travel to Australia every month to spend time with my family and my son. I also enjoy travelling around Asia, discovering little new parts of South East Asia is really exciting and if I ever get the chance, maybe duck off to the UK or Europe every now and again. I also enjoy a range of different fitness activities and sports, love watching and playing some sports and when I get the chance, I don't mind a bit of sailing, although I'm not that rich so whenever I can. 

What is your biggest takeaway from the 2023 show?

There was a lot to take away from the 2023 show. We discovered that the eCommerce landscape in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific is rapidly evolving. Growth was our biggest takeaway from 2023, especially the need to prepare for significant eCommerce expansion. Cross-border growth is becoming increasingly important as markets like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia embrace eCommerce. It was truly enjoyable to see the landscape grow, and eCommerce growth was my biggest takeaway last year.

What are your visions/goals for the show this year?

My vision for eCommerce Expo every year is to bring more variety and innovation. We've had fantastic years with Meta joining the event and bringing their virtual reality to life. Last year, we saw Amazon bring their Global Selling Summit and all their innovation in cross-border commerce to the show. Who knows what the future will bring? I'm guessing that AI might pop up and jump out in front of us, along with more customer experience innovation. The landscape is never-ending when you bring tech and all the other elements of eCommerce to life. A lot of innovative vision is coming in 2024.

Why do you think people in the industry should attend ECEA?

All the content and discussions we have at eCommerce Expo are very serious, with a lot to learn and take away. However, we don't want people to forget to have fun. With 23,000 attendees across eCommerce Expo and our other tech portfolios, there are so many people to meet, experiences to share, and networking to be done. It all becomes easier and more approachable if you're smiling and enjoying it.

Any words to your team, exhibitors, speakers, visitors?

"Have fun" is definitely important, but also be open to opportunities. In a digital age, we often tell our kids to get off their phones because face-to-face engagements and connections are always more profitable, engaging, and leverageable than messaging on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. The reason we run these events is to ensure you can live and breathe the experience. So, put those phones away and be available for your audience, partnerships, and engagement with people who want the same thing.

I can't wait for everyone to see us at eCommerce Expo Asia on October 9 and 10 at Marina Bay Sands. We're going to be just as big and exciting, with more content, more innovation, and more visitors.



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