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Client Strategy Director, Merkle

“I think it's been really nice to connect with people that we probably haven't had the chance to speak to, for a very, very long time. So it's definitely very exciting and very rewarding for meltwater as a company being in such an environment. Having very different industries around retail, e commerce, I guess it just inspired us to talk to a lot of people. And also just really helped us get our name out there as a company.”

Managing Director, Merkle

“I think it's a very targeted event and it's definitely the right environment for us to be in. Secondly, now with Singapore being open again (after COVID), it's also acting as a regional event, right. So we also have visitors here from from other Southeast Asian countries because it's kind of a lighthouse event throughout the region. I think the advantage here is that it's really seen as a regional meeting as well, not just for Singapore domestically, but also as a regional meeting for ecommerce!”

Head of Marketing, Shopline

“This is something that is also quite key in our marketing calendar, because markets have opened up and people are out and about again, so we thought that it would be absolutely crucial to just be on the ground and really understand what the pain points are from the perspective of the prospects and the merchants. A lot of our partners are here as well so it is a good avenue to reinforce all these existing partnerships. This is also like a destination point, you know, for existing merchants to come in, hang out with us as well. I think all in all, it's a very fulfilling brand awareness and lead generation experience that can strengthen our business proposition altogether.”

Head of Commercials Partnerships, SEA, Shippit

“Some of our partners who are here too are based globally so just coming here, meeting them face to face and putting a face to a name,the vibe is really different. There's a lot more time to interact also even strategize on what we could do next, together. A lot of those ideas originate at events like this. I just feel like being here and talking about how we could collaborate with each other, with an idea in the ecosystem, helping our merchants together, I think it really creates the right environment for us to really talk about an opportunity.”

Marketing Manager, South Pole

"In this specific context, we are here to help and educate the e Commerce Industry to empower themselves and their customers become more sustainable. To also look at all these opportunities, these fantastic technologies that can scale up their commitments to fighting climate change. We have had a lot of interesting conversations and we not only see immense partnership opportunities, but also people that can make us think about their challenges, especially within the region. We're definitely considering investing again in this great way to connect with the E-commerce community in Asia next year. We look forward to seeing what kind of challenges they want to talk to us about." 

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Chief Executive Officer, Blu

“We are pleased with the turnout and visitorship. The atmosphere is very exciting as there are a lot of interesting topics and content feature. It’s a good idea to have eCommerce Expo Asia co-locating with the other technology events because we have an audience of various industries with different perspectives generating a lot of synergy.”

Regional Sales Director ASEAN, Limelight Networks

“With the pervasiveness of mobile devices, the Asia Pacific region has experienced a simultaneous growth in ecommerce. This growth has resulted in consequential demands from consumers for a more personalised, yet secure online shopping experience - an area of expertise for Limelight. eCommerce Expo Asia is an excellent platform for us to share best practices and engage with the business community, to equip them with the resources for delivering the best customer experiences on their platforms.”

Regional Director, APAC, dotdigital

“It’s the first time we’re here, and we can see a real diverse range of clients - there are start-ups and established companies here. It’s been awesome. There is value not just for the Asia Pacific team, but also for our global team as there are people from all over the world here. I’ve customers from the UK coming over to say hi as well. eCommerce Expo Asia really complements the whole co-located tech events. This just adds so many levels to this event, and works well together. I like that it’s more than just a marketing show. The team from our other departments will also be able to attend the other events.

The conference sessions were also pretty well received with the amount of people trying to enter the conferences. Queues were just snaking out of the conference room!”

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