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Evolution of Marketplaces – Unlocking Growth Opportunities & Lessons from Marketplace Pioneers

17 November 2021 

eCommerce is on the rise, and with it, businesses across all verticals and industries are facing unfamiliar demands and challenges. In this new era of eCommerce, leading retailers and brands are rising to the challenge, launching enterprise marketplaces of their own to deliver on customers’ rising expectations. In fact, last year marketplaces grew at double the rate of overall eCommerce. Businesses who are preparing to seize the marketplace opportunity can learn lessons from those who have successfully launched and scaled their own eCommerce business through an ecosystem of third-party sellers.

Join us for this exclusive Marketplace Leaders Panel where you'll hear from Decathlon Hong Kong, Central Group and Catch Group Australia on how they have embraced the marketplace model and what impact this has had on the growth of their business.


  • Landscape & growth trends of Online Marketplaces in 2022
  • Why & how brands should enter a marketplace
  • Factors to consider when choosing the right marketplace for your business
  • Challenges faced by retailers when choosing marketplace
  • How to build a successful operating model in marketplaces


  • Justine Bystrzejewski, Omnichannel Director - Central & Robinson Department Stores, Central Group
  • Lisa Noraz, CoCEO, Decathlon Hong Kong
  • Tim James, Partnerships and Category Manager, Catch Group Australia
  • Simon Wintels, Partner, McKinsey & Company

Hyper-Personalizing Customer Experience along the Digital Journey

17th December 2020

Leveraging AI & Data to deliver the most relevant content, product & information to online consumers

COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation, along with e-commerce. Online Retail is now dominating physical, brick & mortar retail with sales increasing 200% in APAC in the last 8 months. The customer experience function has become increasingly important as competing online brands continue to enhance their online experience to remain competitive.

Furthermore, social-distancing has changed the utility of retail locations, as brands implement contactless delivery. Overall, brands need to prioritize omnichannel customer communications for proactive communications, order fulfilment, scaling digital customer service, and enabling digital consumers.

In this panel discussion, we will discuss the pillars for delivering impactful customer experiences via communications and share some trends from the regions leading retailers & brands. The panellists will have the chance to discuss the strategies that brands and retailers have employed to remain successful during the pandemic & furthermore what future CX strategies are expected to be introduced in the years to come.


  • Alex Bravo, Industries Marketing Manager- Retail, Twilio
  • Armin Nehzat, Digital Technology Manager, Nestlé
  • Danny Chong, Senior Investment Director, Gobi Partners; ex-Regional Manager, Marketing Analytics, ZALORA Group


  • Claudius Ng, President, Singapore Chamber of E-commerce


3rd December 2020

The pandemic has had great influence on the customer buying patterns and how they interact online. From customer engagement through to accepting new & varied forms of payments merchants have had to rapidly adapt to embrace new buying behaviours.

Our panellists will discuss the ways in which customers are now interacting with merchants online & the new rules of engagement that merchants will now need to embrace to remain relevant.

The panel will also educate merchants as to how they can accept more revenue, become more effective and efficient, and improve their customer experience.


  • Ashley Paulus, Senior Customer Success Manager,
  • Zain Suharwardy, Head of eCommerce, Singapore Post
  • Atul Shivnani, Head of eCommerce & Digital, The Body Shop


  • Xiaofeng Wang, Senior Analyst, Forrester

The Winners & Losers of eCommerce in COVID-19

6th August 2020

Join us for this exclusive online fireside chat with experts from Shopify Plus, iHerb Korea, Nestle & Singapore Institute of Retail Studies discussing the impacts that COVID-19 has had on brick & mortar retail purchasing and how this has forced more buyers from the high street to spend online.

Our experts will highlight the areas of online retail that have already seen a surge in spending, and the areas that have been impacted negatively.

The conversation will move from analysing the current impacts of COVID-19 in the last 3 months, to the future of retail and how the pandemic will reshape future buying patterns forever.

Lastly, we will discuss where growing online retail businesses can expect to profit should they be agile enough to adapt to a new way of online spending, and what areas they may need to avoid.


  • Neel Bhatt, Head of Partnerships, Southeast Asia, Shopify Plus
  • Christopher Hatfield, Head of eBusiness, Nestle
  • Yonghyun Noh, Head of eCommerce, iHerb Korea Ltd.


  • David Lee, Head of Digital Commerce & International eCommerce Standard Working Committee, Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS)



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